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Statewide Transfer Student Success Conference

2023 Theme: Full Steam Ahead for the Transfer Student Experience

Conference Sessions

  • Student Credit Mobility: Key Topics in Research and Practice

    Emily Tichenor, Program Manager for Articulation of Credit Transfer Project, ITHAKA S+R

    Modern students are increasingly mobile and acquire validated learning and college credits from more sources, and over longer periods of time, than ever before. But far too often processes, policies, inaccurate or invisible information, and poor inter-institutional collaboration block students from applying their past learning to college degrees. Institutions, state systems, and organizations across the country are working to better understand and overcome these challenges and boost degree completion. During this session we will review a selection of recent innovations and key learnings from the field and how they can inform local initiatives and projects.


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  • Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Transfer Data, Policy Updates, & Course Equivalency Project Updates

    The session covering policy updates is a brief overview of the current state of transfer students in Oklahoma, including the most recent metrics associated with transfer students. It also provides an update on policy changes.


    Transfer Data

    Policy Updates

    Course Equivalency Project Updates

  • Statewide Transfer Audit and Policy Survey Intro

    This audit aims to assist your institution and our system in cataloging and evaluating the diverse policies and practices impacting transfer students and those pursuing credit mobility at your college or university. The framework can be utilized by individuals or teams at both transfer-sending and receiving institutions, providing a fundamental perspective of effective strategies within your institution/system, as well as identifying areas requiring enhancement.


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  • Ensuring Transfer Success Through Intentional Student Planning, Exploration, and Collaboration: Tulsa Community College Case Study

    Dr. Brandon Miller, Director of University Transfer
    John Norwood, University Transfer Coordinator

    In the Fall of 2020, Tulsa Community College established the Office of University Transfer as one of the 2019-2020 priorities of the Tulsa Regional College Transfer Report. This session will highlight actions to date as well as key future transfer initiatives based on our involvement with the Aspen Institute and CCRC's Unlocking Opportunity Network.


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  • Supporting Transfer Students through Institutional Collaboration

    Dr. Sarah Wyatt, Director of Strategy and Operations, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium
    Dr. Laura Latta, Executive Director, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium
    Dr. Brandon Miller, Director of University Transfer, Tulsa Community College

    In this session, presenters will share about the value of cross-institutional and cross-sector collaboration in support of transfer students. Through the facilitation of ten Communities of Practice and shared endeavors across the region, THE Consortium works to support eight colleges and thousands of students in the northeast Oklahoma region. The presentation will focus primarily on the startup, facilitation, and shared initiatives of communities of practice, a model that can be replicated in any setting where multiple institutions collaborate. Attendees will be invited to share ideas for possible shared endeavors and brainstorm plans to collaborate with other institutions in meaningful and generative ways.


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  • From "Stealth" to "Full Steam Ahead!"

    Christopher McAdoo, Principal, Santa Fe Pathways Middle College

    This presentation will provide an overview of EMCHS’s, what they are/do, and how they benefit students with college readiness, reducing cost and speeding up the college learning curve. A detailed account of the challenges, both academic preparedness and social preparedness, that face “stealth students” transitioning from an EMCHS to a 4-year university. The presentation will also detail the comprehensive support systems implemented by EMCHS, including academic advising, mentorship, and access to college resources.


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“The conference provided an excellent opportunity for networking, learning, and rich dialogue with professionals from across Oklahoma who support transfer students.”

Emily Tichenor, Director of University Transfer

Tulsa Community College

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