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Transfer Success

Advisory Board

  • Mission

    The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Transfer Success Advisory Board (TSAB) is committed to eliminating barriers and inequities in transfer for all transfer students while improving the transfer student experience from point of inquiry through graduation and beyond.

  • Vision

    The OSU-TSAB will create a culture of excellence around transfer that is holistic in nature, provides wrap-around support, and is inclusive of all transfer students regardless of their unique backgrounds and life experiences.


Executive Board

Executive Board Member positions are for a full academic year from July-June. The Board will be responsible for forming working committees for each academic year that are in alignment with Oklahoma State University's larger strategic goals. Chair and Co-Chair positions will be assigned by the Provost's Office and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

  • Chair

    Dr. Doug  HallenbeckVice President of Student Affairs

  • Co-Chair

    Cheryl Kleeman, Director Transfer and Student Veteran Success 

  • OSU Tulsa Liaison

    Beverly Morris, Director of Academic Advising


    This position is responsible for ensuring OSU Tulsa has an active voice in the TSAB, meeting regularly with OSU Tulsa staff and faculty to disseminate information and results of TSAB activities, and ensuring OSU Tulsa has representation on the various working committees. This position will be appointed by OSU Tulsa leadership.

  • Institutional Research Liaison

    Kimberly Meints, Student Success Data Coordinator


    This position will be appointed by the Department of Institutional Research and Analytics. This role will assist with any data requests that the Executive Board or Working Committees need as part of their annual review of the transfer student experience.

  • University Assessment Liaison

    Kelva Hunger, Associate Director Assessment and Analysis


    This position will be appointed by University Assessment and Testing. This role will assist with any surveys or other assessment requests that the Executive Board or Working Committees need as part of their annual review of the transfer student experience.


Academic College Representatives


Other Positions:


Nominated Positions

The following positions are filled filled through a nomination process that begins in April of each academic year:

  • Secretary



    This position is responsible for setting up meetings, taking notes, responding to emails in the TSAB service account, keeping track of membership in the TSAB, and other administrative duties as needed. 

  • Faculty Liaison

    Kevin Drees, Associate Professor and Engineering Librarian


    This position will interact with faculty in all academic colleges, respond to faculty questions and concerns, and recommend opportunities for professional development for faculty about transfer student needs and challenges. This position needs to be filled by a faculty member. 

  • Staff Liason

    Mary Mach, Academic Advisor College of Education and Human Sciences


    This position will be responsible for responding to questions from staff about transfer students and will recommend professional development opportunities for staff on transfer student needs and challenges.

  • Student Liaisons

    Amber Revels, B.F.A. Studio Art,

    Victoria Turner, B.S. Civil Engineering


    This position will be filled by a transfer student who has completed at least 12 credit hours at OSU. This position will work closely with transfer students, student organizations, and the general student body on addressing the needs and concerns of the transfer student population at OSU.


Working Committees

Working Committees will be established for each academic year on topics that are discussed and voted on by the Executive Board.

  • Standing Members

    Brenda Morales, Director Oklahoma Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

    Carisa Ramming, CEAT Assistant Dean of Engagement and Inclusion


    These are interested parties from across campus who choose to participate in the TSAB, but do not have any specific duties as part of the Executive Board or Working Committees. This is a non-voting role.

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