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Transfer Student Ambassador Program

Our ambassador program is a great opportunity for students to connect with fellow transfer students and gain a better understanding of the campus and local community. Peer mentors help ease the transition into the Cowboy Family through meaningful support by sharing their personal experiences and leading by example. 

Benefits of this program

  • Enhance leadership skillsets through Hargis Leadership Institute and Oklahoma Statewide Transfer Student Success Conference.
  • Hone in on communication skills by becoming a Certified Peer Educator.
  • Foster community and team-building by participating in various events, including National Transfer Student Week and Welcome Week. 
  • Represent a welcoming culture to transfer students new to our Cowboy Family.


Get Involved

Apply to be an ambassador so you can make an impact for future transfer students!

  • Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible to become a Transfer Student Ambassador you must:

    1. Have completed 1 full semester* at OSU
    2. Be in good academic standing
    3. Have at least 2 full semesters remaining before you graduate
    4. Volunteer for at least 10 hours each semester (May be community, OSU, or other volunteer hours. Hours must be logged with and approved by OSU Student Volunteer Center. Hours will count toward your Volunteer Cord!)
    5. Participate in at least 3 designated leadership activities per semester
      1. Examples of Leadership Activities can include, but are not limited to:
        1. Oklahoma Statewide Transfer Student Success Conference
        2. Academic College leadership events/activities
        3. Student Organization leadership
        4. Other leadership conferences and events
      2. Leadership Activities must be approved by the Director of Transfer and Student Veteran Success. If you are unsure of whether an activity qualifies, please discuss with the Director of Transfer and Student Veteran Success
    6. A 300-500 word essay that tells us why you would make a great transfer student ambassador.
    7. Have a letter of recommendation from an OSU Faculty or Staff member that details why they believe you are a good fit for the role of Transfer Student Ambassador.

    * A full semester is defined as at least 12 credit hours completed in either the Fall or Spring semester prior to date of application. The hours may be in combination with intersession or summer classes.


    Apply Here!

For further information about becoming a Transfer Student Ambassador, please email us at 


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