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Marketing Services

Campus Life and the Student Union marketing department offer assistance to all registered and recognized student organizations for their marketing and graphic design needs. We work with student organizations to produce dynamic and effective informational and promotional materials in a timely and affordable manner.

Services Include

  • A-frames

    We are happy to create your A-frame design, and Facilities Management is in charge of printing and scheduling your A-frame. This can be done through their website. Additional details to know:

      • Work orders and artwork must be submitted no later than 10 working days before the posting start date and remain on display on campus for 10 days.
      • Each A-frame is $75 for student organizations and OSU departments.
      • Visit their site to contact them and learn more about their policies.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks (This timeline refers to the required time the SU marketing department needs to design your A-frame)

  • Banners

    Banners can include vertical roll-up banners, horizontal hanging banners, and more. We can supply your artwork so you can choose your own print vendor.  


    Required timeline: 3 weeks

  • Booklets

    Booklets require more time to design due to their complexity. Please remember that production and shipping times can vary depending on the vendor, print quantity, and other print job characteristics. If you need assistance with a booklet design, please email us to discuss.


    Required timeline: 6-8 weeks

  • Brochures

    Brochures can include half page-fold, tri-fold, and others. This is great if you have a substantial amount of information you need to convey in a more compact way.


    Required timeline: 4 weeks

  • Flyers

    Registered and recognized student organizations may have the opportunity for 100 free full-color flyer-sized prints only if they work with the Student Union Marketing Department for their design needs. We cannot include any designs created outside of the Student Union Marketing Department into the free flyer print promotion. This print promotion renews every semester if the organization is in good standing. Any prints larger than a flyer is not included in this amount.

    Review our information sheet for more information. We utilize FedEx for most of our printing needs. Keep in mind, they do not accept student organization account numbers, but they do accept p-cards, credit cards, and cash.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks

  • Logo Design*

    We enjoy creating custom logo designs for student organizations based on their preferences and organizational goals. However, *logo designs for recognized and registered student organizations, are allowed to use the university’s marks, verbiage, or indicia in connection with their mission in furthering the interests of Oklahoma State University, provided items are sourced from an OSU licensed vendor and the use is for the student organizations’ own internal consumption.

    Intramural sport clubs are allowed usage of OSU marks, verbiage or indicia but “club” must be included in the name, such as: OSU (Enter sport name) Club or (Enter sport name) Club at OSU. Items bearing OSU marks, verbiage or indicia are exempt from royalties if paid for by state funds, subject to the exceptions listed in OSU’s Collegiate Licensing and Trademark Usage Policy No. 1-0203. The standard royalty rate will apply on all items paid for with outside or non-state-funded money. For any questions regarding OSU's brand guidelines, please visit their brand guide.


    Required timeline: 3-4 weeks

  • O'Colly or Newspaper Ads

    Ad sizes, pricing, and required in-hands dates vary depending on the printed or digital publication. Be sure to look at their ad placement requirements prior to purchasing your ad.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks

  • Postcards or Rack Cards

    Whether it’s a postcard or a rack card, both are great materials to have when you want something more compact but allow you to include more information without the added cost of folding.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks

  • Promotional Items

    Promotional items can be a variety of things including, stickers, pens, cups, keychains, tote bags, etc. View OSU Brand Management’s site to review potential vendors for your next promotional item order.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks

  • Social Media Posts

    Social media is a great way to promote your organization, upcoming events, and to gain new members. We can assist with creating your social media graphics. For more tips on best practices, scroll down to view our social media tips and things to avoid.


    Required timeline: 2 weeks

We are here to help. To request design and/or marketing assistance, please complete an online project request. As a rule, the earlier project requests are received, the easier it will be to accommodate changes and meet deadlines.


Contact us if you’re interested in a consultation to discuss your student organization’s marketing plan. To learn more about our services, policies, and fill out a project request. Click here to fill out a project request

Social Media Tips:

  • Tip 1

    Set up a plan to post content that aligns with your organizational goals. Some examples of goals could be new member recruitment, promoting your events, as well as others.

      • Plan a posting schedule so you stay consistent. Aim for 2-3 posts per week and spread it out to avoid oversaturating your feed.
      • Share your posts to your stories on Instagram, and make sure to include new and engaging material to get your followers to participate. (e.g. polls, question boxes, slider bar, etc.).
  • Tip 2

    Maintain high-quality imagery and messaging that promotes your organization’s goals in a positive way.

      • Be personal with your captions and use conversational copywriting. Keep it short and sweet.
      • Put links in your bio by using LinkTree or other resources. This is a great opportunity to link your organization’s other social media platforms, website, CampusLink page, and etc.
      • If people comment, sometimes comments don’t require a response. If it does, make sure your response is kind, professional and understand you’re speaking for your organization which has a connection to OSU.
  • Tip 3

    Engaging with other student organizations and OSU departments accounts can be beneficial by following, commenting, liking, and sharing certain posts.

      • Don’t overdo it but be a good ambassador for your organization.
      • Working with other accounts can help expand your audience and enhance your brand identity.


Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media:

  • Oversaturating Your Feed

    Oversharing and over-posting can lead to viewer fatigue and many times people will swipe away or unfollow and move on if it’s too much.

  • Damaging Messaging

    Avoid derogatory and overly extensive messaging within your posts or comments. Doing these things can potentially damage your organization’s brand.

  • No Low-Quality Content

    Don’t post or share low-quality content. Only post high-quality images or designs created by you or imagery you have permission to use that best portrays who you are as an organization. Sharing a dog or cat video to your organization’s feed is low effort and can result in you losing followers and/or damaging your organization’s brand.

  • Don't Buy Your Followers

    Don’t buy followers. It’s not worth the $$ to get poor engagement rates. When you gain followers organically, you gain a great group of followers who want to get involved in or learn more about your organization.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your social media plan for your organization.

Where to Promote Your Organization or Upcoming Event(s):

PLEASE NOTE: University names, marks, and logos remain the property of the university and are essential to its overall success. The proper administration of all the marks requires them to be organized in a way to honor their integrity but still proudly presents their OSU sponsorship and connection. To learn more about OSU’s branding guidelines, please visit OSU Brand Management’s website.


To learn more about our services, policies, digital advertising options, and fill out a project request. Click here to fill out a project request


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