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SGA Elections

Make your voice heard during the SGA Elections, which are held twice a year and visible for the whole OSU community in accordance with our bylaws. 

Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved in SGA by participating in one of the many SGA committees, programs, and voting for your student body representatives. 

Learn more about your current SGA President and Vice-President and SGA Elections through Title X noted below.

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2023-2024 SGA Leadership

  • Student Body President & Vice President

    Feeling seen and heard makes a huge impact on our everyday lives. Students need to know that we see you, and we hear you. We want to change the parking ticket system, advocate for more student designated parking, make student discounts available at sporting events, and change the costs associated with courses and exams. All this and so much more can be possible with a Peterson/Albrecht team representing YOU.


    Ashley Peterson and Hilary Albrecht 

    Ashley Peterson



    Hilary Albrecht




Title X Section 5

  • 5.2. Fall Election

    The fall elections shall be held on the second Tuesday and Wednesday of November.

      • 5.2.1.  Senators representing academic units shall be elected during the fall election.
  • 5.3. Spring Election

    The spring election shall be held the second Tuesday and Wednesday of March.

      • 5.3.1.  In the event that the second Tuesday and Wednesday of the month of March fall on spring break, the election will be held on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.
      • 5.3.2.  Senators representing living groups shall be elected during the spring election.
      • 5.3.3.  The President and Vice President shall be elected during the spring election.
  • Requirement to run
    Interested students and senators must also submit Intent to Run application via CampusLink. 

Please contact Melisa Echols, Coordinator of SGA Programs, at with any questions.

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